Glass Shower Door Replacement Products

A glass shower door is one of the final touches that your bathroom renovation project may require. Glass panes vary in composition and thickness, which may require the use of a framed or frameless system.  A Framed Product Framed products may consist of beveled or smooth panes of glass that either contain tinting or lack a privacy shield. The framework that surrounds a door is used to support glass panels. The framework can improve the style of a shower stall or tub and shower combination. Read More 

Want To Upgrade Your Bathroom? 3 Reasons To Install Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Bathrooms have become more than spaces where you take a bath and leave. Bathrooms nowadays are tranquil spaces where you can unwind after a long day. For this reason, homeowners are keen on the designs and elements that go into their showers. Glass shower enclosures are a popular choice among homeowners, and for a good reason. These enclosures enhance the appearance of the shower space, allow in natural light, and are easy to clean. Read More 

Seven Common Pieces Of Misinformation Out There When It Comes To Shower Doors

When you need to have a shower door installed in your bathroom, being well informed is always helpful. You don't want to fall prey to certain inaccurate assumptions some people make about shower doors. The following are seven common pieces of misinformation out there when it comes to shower doors. Glass shower doors are prone to breaking. Glass is a popular and effective material option for a shower door. A lot of homeowners opt against a glass shower door because they're worried that this material will make their door susceptible to breaking. Read More 

The Pros And Cons Of Frameless Shower Doors Vs. Framed

Frameless shower doors are an increasingly popular option in residential bathrooms because of their sleek look and open aesthetic. But are they really a better option than a more traditional framed door? If you're trying to make the choice, here are a few advantages and disadvantages you should consider. PROS Easy Cleaning One of the major benefits of choosing frameless over framed is the ease of cleaning. When there are no frames to collect water deposits or bio-slime, you reduce the time and energy it takes to clean your shower. Read More