3 Facts You Should Know About Windshield Repair

Windshield damage can occur as the result of an accident, severe weather, or road debris. In many cases, this damage is the result of situations completely outside of the driver's control. Despite this fact, all drivers need to be prepared to act quickly when the need for a windshield repair does arise. Taking the time to review the three facts below can help to ensure you are well-prepared if you ever find yourself in this situation. Read More 

Custom Mirror Production And Installation Steps

Mirrors are used to decorate homes and to provide a functional way for end users to see their reflections. Custom products can be used to embellish the walls within a bar, a dance studio, an office, and more. The Production Process A slab of glass is used as the baseline material when creating a custom product. First, glass is measured, cut, and polished. The thickness of the glass is taken into account during the production process. Read More 

Using Glass For Construction Purposes

There are many materials that can be used in the construction of a building. One material that can be used in more ways than some realize is glass. When many people think of glass, they merely think of windows and doors. However, this article will cover some of the other ways glass is used in building homes and businesses, and go over the advantages glass has to offer. This can help you to consider some of the other ways glass can be used in the construction or remodeling of your own home or business. Read More 

Is Your Impact-Resistant Sliding Glass Door Developing Bubbles And Cloudy Areas? Here’s What You Need To Know About Delamination

Impact-resistant sliding glass doors help keep you and your home safe during a storm. They're designed to hold together if they're hit by debris carried by high-speed winds, preventing rain and wind from entering your home. The secret behind impact-resistant glass is polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which is very durable plastic. Impact-resistant glass consists of two panes of glass with a thin sheet of PVB between them. When an object strikes the glass, the PVB will hold all of the glass together instead of allowing it to shatter apart. Read More 

4 Most Common Glass Window Problems You Might Encounter

Have you ever encountered glass window issues? You would be surprised at the number of homeowners that overlook glass window problems only for them to escalate, necessitating replacement. No matter how durable your windows are, they are bound to develop problems after years of exposure to harsh weather. This article will dive deeper into the frequent reason that may force you to call a window repair contractor. 1. Leaks If you see water near your walls every time there is heavy rainfall, your windows may be allowing water into your home. Read More