Glass Shower Door Replacement Products

A glass shower door is one of the final touches that your bathroom renovation project may require. Glass panes vary in composition and thickness, which may require the use of a framed or frameless system. 

A Framed Product

Framed products may consist of beveled or smooth panes of glass that either contain tinting or lack a privacy shield. The framework that surrounds a door is used to support glass panels. The framework can improve the style of a shower stall or tub and shower combination. Framed products are used to support standard and thin glass panes.

The lighter weight of some glass products will necessitate that glass panels are firmly anchored into a metal border. Safety glass or laminated glass is used to manufacture most household shower doors. The framework that surrounds a door may contain a finished or unfinished metal product. Gold and silver finishes are often used to coat metal pieces.

A Frameless System

A frameless system may contain one or more glass panels. A shower cubicle that is square or rectangular in shape may require the use of multiple panels that are joined together. This type of system will require thicker glass panes than what a framed system utilizes. The weight of the glass panels will omit the need for framework pieces. A frameless system provides clean lines and maximum visibility. Safety glass and laminated glass are used to construct frameless systems.

Jambs, Rails, And Hardware

A shower door's jambs are the side posts that line the doorway. The jambs must lay flush with the glass panels. Rails are used to secure glass panels. A piece of glass will need to be cut precisely. The precision will ensure that glass will adequately slide into the top and bottom rails.

Caulk is used to secure the edges of the glass panels. Hardware is used to anchor glass panels and to secure handles and other functional or decorative pieces of hardware to glass panels. When a glass door is going to be swapped out, all of the hardware that is secured to a current door will need to be removed first.

A putty knife may need to be used to remove old caulk. An old glass door may not be able to be recycled. Contacting a local waste municipality will determine if your refuse disposal company will be able to pick up the old door from your residence. If not, you will be responsible for transporting the glass to a waste facility. 

For more information, contact a local company that has shower door replacements