Seven Common Pieces Of Misinformation Out There When It Comes To Shower Doors

When you need to have a shower door installed in your bathroom, being well informed is always helpful. You don't want to fall prey to certain inaccurate assumptions some people make about shower doors.

The following are seven common pieces of misinformation out there when it comes to shower doors.

Glass shower doors are prone to breaking.

Glass is a popular and effective material option for a shower door. A lot of homeowners opt against a glass shower door because they're worried that this material will make their door susceptible to breaking.

However, it's important to realize that a quality glass door that is well designed should be resilient and stand up to everyday demands without significant risk of breaking. 

There is not much maintenance required for shower doors.

You need to perform some maintenance on your shower door to keep it in optimum condition. You'll need to have your shower door cleaned. Because of frequent use, you also might need to perform some additional maintenance on the seals and hardware to optimize your shower door's condition and lifespan. 

Shower doors are expensive to replace.

Shop around and you're likely to find a good deal on a replacement shower door for your bathroom. You shouldn't continue to use a faulty shower door because you think having a replacement installed will be too expensive.

It's hard to avoid leaks onto your bathroom floor from around your shower door.

If you're experiencing leaks from your showerhead onto your bathroom floor, you need to make some adjustments to your showerhead and shower door.

With careful planning and design, it's always possible to avoid shower leaks onto your floor. Remember that constant leaks onto your bathroom floor can lead to costly problems like water damage, so they're important to prevent. 

Shower door choice is more important than showerhead selection.

While it's important to put careful consideration into the shower door you choose, it's also important to choose a quality showerhead. A good showerhead will make it more convenient to use your shower door and control the flow of the water in your shower. 

It's easy to add a towel bar or other feature to your shower door after installation.

The best time to choose features for your shower door is before it is installed. It can be much more complicated to add features to your shower door—such as a towel bar—after installation because these features may require procedures like the drilling of holes in your door. 

Shower doors last forever after installation.

Although a well-maintained shower door may last for a long time, it most likely won't last forever. You may eventually need to replace your shower door when you have a bathroom remodel done to maintain functionality and aesthetics. Contact a shower door or glass product professional like Packerland Glass Products if you have questions about installing a glass door in your shower.