4 Most Common Glass Window Problems You Might Encounter

Have you ever encountered glass window issues? You would be surprised at the number of homeowners that overlook glass window problems only for them to escalate, necessitating replacement. No matter how durable your windows are, they are bound to develop problems after years of exposure to harsh weather. This article will dive deeper into the frequent reason that may force you to call a window repair contractor.

1. Leaks

If you see water near your walls every time there is heavy rainfall, your windows may be allowing water into your home. This is more common in old homes. But why would your glass windows be leaking? Leaks happen due to cracked caulk, clogged drain holes, or damaged frames. If you do not get the windows fixed, you will risk mold infestation and structural damage. A glass window repair expert can help unclog the drain holes, recaulk, and fix the damaged frame to keep rainwater outside, where it belongs.

2. Drafty Glass Windows

Your windows are supposed to keep cold air outside during the cold seasons. If your windows are allowing a draft into your home, it might be time to seek window repair. This may be caused by a damaged weather stripping or broken seal. Remember that if your home is chilly, your furnace has to work extra harder to warm your home, which means higher power bills. You can cut your power bills and make your home more comfortable by enlisting a window repair expert to fix the source of the drafts.

3. Cracks

These are probably the most common problems facing homeowners. Cracks could result from many issues such as impact from debris, temperature differences, or improper frame installation. Generally, window cracks get worse with time. And your window may even shatter, blowing shard of glass into your home, which could cut you or your kids. Speak to a reliable window repair contractor to fix the racks before they become a safety hazard.

4. Won't Open or Close

If opening or closing your window is always a struggle, check the tracks for debris. If your tracks are clean, then you may be looking at a loose lock, damaged sash cord, or a bent frame. Engage a window repair as soon as possible. They will identify the root cause and get your window working again in no time.

Your best option to keep your glass window in top shape is to fix issues before they cause significant problems. Call a proficient window repair expert without delay if you notice any of these issues. They will restore your windows to their former glory. 

Contact a local window repair company for more information.