Custom Mirror Production And Installation Steps

Mirrors are used to decorate homes and to provide a functional way for end users to see their reflections. Custom products can be used to embellish the walls within a bar, a dance studio, an office, and more.

The Production Process

A slab of glass is used as the baseline material when creating a custom product. First, glass is measured, cut, and polished. The thickness of the glass is taken into account during the production process. If a mirror is going to be used to embellish a home or a commercial space, a product should be relatively thick and encased in a frame. A mirror installer will use anchoring materials that will effectively stabilize a mirror.

An aluminum coating is applied to the glass. This coating will provide a mirror with its reflective property. The aluminum will bond to the front side of the glass. On the backside of the glass, paint or a baseboard material will be applied. Many manufacturers use hardware or a bracket system to prepare mirrors for hanging purposes.

The Installation Process

A custom mirror producer will ship or hand deliver products to their customers. Many custom mirror products can be purchased outright from a third-party dealer. If a consumer purchases custom products like these, they will need to either hire someone to hang the mirrors or hang them themselves. The whole objective of hanging a mirror is to find the perfect spot for the product and to use materials that will secure a mirror, but that won't damage the wall where a product is going to be displayed.

A company that offers a hanging service will supply all of the materials needed to anchor custom products. An installer can aid a consumer with choosing where to display each custom mirror. Some mirror products may be designed to cover an entire wall or a distinct area along one. For instance, a bar atmosphere may be embellished with the addition of mirrors that encompass each wall that surrounds the area where patrons will be seated.

Mirrors should be within eye view. This allows people to use the products effectively. Mirrors can create the illusion of a wide open space. They can also magnify the amount of lighting or decor that is in a room. When lights and other decorative materials are viewed in a mirror, it can seem as if more lighting or decorations are present within the space. An installer will measure and mark walls, prior to installing each custom mirror. 

For more information, contact a local custom mirror installer