How Professional Auto Glass Technicians Repair Windscreen Damage

A cracked, chipped, or even broken windshield may not stop you from completing your trip, but it's certainly unpleasant to look at. What's more, the problem won't go away on its own; it will only get worse over time, potentially posing a serious safety threat to you and your passengers. That said, you should get your windshield repaired immediately if you see any sign of damage to it. 

While windshield repair processes may vary slightly depending on the type and extent of glass damage suffered, the general repair process is the same for the most part. Continue reading to find out the basic steps involved in fixing windshield damage. 

Looking At The Damage

The first step in the windshield repair process is inspecting your windscreen to determine the type and extent of damage it has suffered. This can be virtually anything from small chips to large cracks that run across the length of your windshield.

Only when the nature of the glass damage is understood can the technician establish how to proceed with the repair work.

Preparing The Damaged Area For Repair

Here, the damaged glass will need to be drilled out to reach the depth of the chip or crack. But before this can be done, the glass should be thoroughly wiped down with a clean rag or towel to remove any dirt or debris that may interfere with the drilling process.

After the damaged area has been drilled out, it is vacuumed out to release any air that may be trapped inside the windscreen.

Injecting Glass Resin Into The Damaged Area

Once the preparation of the glass around the damaged area is complete, liquid glass healer resin is injected into the drilled hole. As the resin expands, it fills the hole and then hardens. The glass resin can be cured in two ways: it is either allowed enough time to cure by itself or cured using an external heat source, typically UV light.

Doing The Finishing Touches

The ultimate goal of any windshield repair job is to restore the structural integrity of the glass, as well as its initial aesthetics. Any surplus resin is removed and the work area polished and cleaned to make it look new again. 

The available auto glass repair methods don't always work for damaged windshields. Sometimes, the damage to windshields is simply irreparable. Under such circumstances, your auto glass company may recommend you get a complete windshield replacement to restore your ruined windshield. 

For more information, contact a local auto glass company.