Benefits Of Glass Brick Windows For Your New Home

If you're planning a new home construction, it's an opportunity to put your unique stamp on the design. One distinctive element you could include is a glass brick window which will provide several benefits.

Provides Both Light And Privacy

Daylight and privacy are both prized assets in a home, but finding the right balance between the two can be tricky, particularly in built-up areas. Glass bricks offer a way to do this. Unlike a standard clear window, glass bricks let light flow through while maintaining privacy. Being so customizable, built up block by block, these types of windows can cover large areas. You could install a wall-to-floor window panel, for example, or else a large horizontal one for a spacious effect. Even if your home fronts a busy street or a neighbor's home, hollow glass bricks will preserve your privacy. Because different bricks vary in transparency, you can choose how much light to block and how much to allow through.  Also, because the hollow bricks diffuse light, a large window area will not become glary on sunny days. They put an end to the need to block off light with curtains and blinds.

Insulates And Reduces Noise

Glass bricks provide better insulation than a standard window. Regular clear glass lets both heat and cold through effortlessly. This characteristic makes it tricky to maintain a constant temperature in the home without closing window coverings. Air-filled glass bricks, though, work like double-glazed windows which provide excellent insulation. The degree to which they regulate temperature depends on the particular blocks you install; some do this more than others. Double-glazing not only moderates temperature flow, but also inhibits noise, and glass bricks likewise do the same. This means you won't need to trade comfort and peace for extra daylight. 

Offers Design Options

A window constructed from glass bricks offers plenty of design options; you can make it as minimalist or embellished as you please. The blocks fit within a frame with each one outlined by separator strips. Different kinds of glass are used, ranging from clear to patterned. Designs include geometric imprints, organic wave details, or numerous other imprints. The possibilities become endless once you add various color options to the mix, letting you customize the window to your own space. You could, for example, create a border and centerpiece arrangement within a large window above a bath. Rows of one size brick could form a border, while the center part could feature eight smaller blocks with a contrasting design. Or else subtle blue bricks could build an edge. Glass bricks, being so versatile, can even be set up to create a unique curved window, something entirely different for your new home construction.

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