Features To Use With Your Commercial Glass Doors

Commercial glass doors can be some of the most popular types of doors for businesses that are of any size. However, business leaders often fail to utilize all of the accessories and features that commercial glass doors are able to support.

Tinted Films

While glass doors can be among the most aesthetically pleasing types of doors that you can install in your business, they can be among the least energy-efficient. This results from the heat transfer that occurs from sunlight shining into the building. You can limit the amount of heat that enters the building by using a tinted film. These films can drastically lower the temperature in the building while still allowing individuals to see through the glass. Applying one of these films to your doors should be left to a professional to avoid leaving air pockets or other potential deformities in the film that could be unsightly as well as compromising the durability of the film.  

Automatic Opening Systems

Making your building as accessible as possible can be necessary for allowing your customers and workers to easily enter and leave can be vital for every commercial building. Furthermore, there are many buildings that will be required to have automatic doors in order to meet disability accessibility regulations. Fortunately, glass doors can utilize automatic opening systems so that you can easily meet these important requirements. When choosing an automatic opening system for your doors, you will need to be sure that you select one that will be able to handle the heavy weight of commercial glass doors. Fortunately, these systems will be labeled with the maximum weight of the door that they will be able to move without burning out its motor.

Graffiti Protection

It is a fact of life that vandals will often target businesses to leave graffiti. Not surprisingly, businesses will have to expend considerable resources on graffiti removal. When it comes to the glass doors of your business, this can be especially difficult due to the potential need to replace the glass if it suffers permanent discoloration from the graffiti. To combat this threat, you may wish to have a graffiti protective film applied to the exterior of the glass. This film will be able completely clear, and it will be able to prevent graffiti from being applied directly to the glass doors. In the event that the building is targeted by graffiti vandals, you will only need to have the graffiti film on the glass replaced to restore the appearance of your commercial doors.