Two Tips For Those Who Need New Shower Doors For Their Shower Cubicles

If you need a new shower door for your shower cubicle, these suggestions might be quite helpful.

Order a frosted glass door

Shower doors usually come with either plain or frosted glass. There are a couple of benefits to choosing a door that has the latter. For instance, if the shower cubicle features frosted glass, and you like to take showers long after your family or roommates have gone to bed, you can do so without disturbing their sleep by switching on the bathroom's noisy extractor fan. Instead, you can just open a window and let the steam escape through it whilst you're showering, safe in the knowledge that you won't be giving any of your neighbors an eyeful, as the frosted glass will protect your modesty (as only a shadowy outline of your figure will be visible behind this glass).

Similarly, if the lock on the bathroom door is unreliable or if you often forget to turn the lock before taking a shower, then having a shower door that features frosted glass could help you to avoid having any embarrassing interactions with the other people living in your home, as it could prevent anyone who accidentally walks into the bathroom during your showers from seeing too much of you.

Pick a shower door that comes with a towel rail

You should also consider picking a shower door that has a towel rail attached to the exterior side of the glass. Whilst you might already have a towel rail in your bathroom, it could still be useful to find a door with this feature, if the existing rail is across the room and, after every shower, you end up stumbling across the bathroom to grab the towel, whilst dripping water all over the bathroom floor. Having to make this unpleasant 'journey' every day after your shower and having to wipe up all the puddles you leave behind when making it could be very irksome.

In this situation, having a nearby towel rail, which would allow you to grab your towel simply by stretching your arm around the shower door, and being able to dry off inside the shower cubicle without splashing water everywhere, could make your daily showers a lot more relaxing.

It's important to buy a shower door that already has this feature, rather than trying to attach a rail you buy yourself to the new door, as if you try to secure it to the glass, you will probably end up cracking the pane.